About Us

Kirckman Concerts was founded by Geraint Jones and Calton Younger as the Kirckman Concert Society in 1963 to promote young artists of exceptional talent, and has been funded since its inception by the Chase Charity (now part of the LankellyChase Foundation).

Our panel of distinguished musicians has developed a reputation for 'spotting' tomorrow's stars in the making. Ww offer our young musicians a London platform as well as the possibility of concerts further afield; and while these artists are not yet household names, concert-goers have a unique opportunity to hear for themselves the exciting promise which these artists offer.

Chairman and Music Director: Andrew West

Elizabeth Menzies (Secretary)
Richard Steele (Treasurer)
Tim Lowe
Carole Presland
Nigel Wilkinson

Registered in England No: 754916

Registered charity no: 1044438

Administrator: Matthew Brailsford

email: info@kirckman.org.uk